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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Who Gets Custody of the Family Dog? |

Once again, the news is full of stories about families struggling over custody issues - only now the primary issue is who gets custody of the family dog?  True pet lovers will tell you that having pets is no different than having children.  They are members of our family, and vulnerable ones at that.  They don't grow up, go to college, earn a living.  Once we make the decision to get a pet, it's a lifetime commitment.

Family law lawyers are discovering that the issues related to pets are important to their clients.  Resolving those issues may not be so simple as the family law statutes don't address pet custody issues.  As a result, families have to fashion their own solutions.  Sometimes this is only possible with the help of a skilled mediator - an impartial third party that can guide the couple through the decision making process.

Before you go to court, go to mediation  It save time, money and emotional energy.  For more information on pet custody mediation, you can reach out to me at 407-977-8080.  

Who Gets Custody of the Family Dog? |

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