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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pets caught up in marital splits | Bay of Plenty Times

Pets will continue to be the focus of relationship dissolution because they are members of the family.  Although the law treats them as property, any true pet lover will confirm they are so much more - priceless.  

Pets caught up in marital splits | Bay of Plenty Times

If you, a family member or friend needs assistance in the resolution of a pet related dispute, try mediation, not litigation.  

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  1. As a Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, I have often mediated cases which involve dogs, cats, exotic birds, racehorses, etc. If it can be argued about, I have mediated it! Your pet is not "like" family; your pet IS family. Just as timesharing schedules are drawn up for children, we do it for animals, too. Financial matters are divided 50-50 which becomes a real issue with an aging pet or one with a chronic or terminal disease. Before you go spend $10,000 on attorneys and a trial to fight over your beloved animal, try two hours of mediation for about $400, split 50-50, of course----$200 each. What a deal. Rosemary Fansher, M. A. 386-383-4439 for mediation in person or by phone. Be kind; do what's in the best interests of your pet.